The Polish Communication Association (PCA) was created during the General Meeting of Founders on 22 April, 2007 in Wrocław.
The idea of creating the Association appeared as a result of the discussion at the conference summarizing 50 years of research on communication and media in Poland (Wroclaw, March 2006), where representatives of several Polish universities dicussed its Statue.
The Statue determines main activities and goals of the Polish Communication Association. According to that document PCA ought to lead to the integration of the diversified research environment and communications practices by organizing the realm of studies on communication and media in Poland, raising their rank and level, as well as the cooperation with similar associations abroad. One of the priority goals is to undertake efforts to separate research on media and communication as an independent scientific discipline in Poland.


  • Central European Journal of Communication

    “Central European Journal of Communication” (ISSN 1899-5101) is the scientific journal of the Polish Communication Association. It engages in critical discussions on communications and media in Central Europe and beyond. The Journal welcomes submissions of both theoretical and empirical research from a wide range of disciplinary approaches. We also publish book reviews, notes on methodology, conference reports, interviews with scholars and media practitioners (policy-makers and journalists).

  • is an electronic half-yearly magazine that publishes articles in the field of communication and media studies as well as interdisciplinary articles. We also publish texts which can be potentially important for media researchers, including for example constructivist analyses, discourse analyses, empirical studies of media content, articles focusing on important issues discussed in the public sphere, etc.

    The editorial board accepts only the texts which meet the criterion of a scientific article, which means that the author proposed a new way to put or solve a problem within the broadly understood social sciences.

    No research perspective, theoretical approach or type of an article is imposed. We accept purely theoretical texts, empirical reports, reviews, and other articles, provided that they meet the requirements set above.