Call for Papers

2021-04-17 4(2) 2021

Call for Papers

The current pandemic situation in the world has helped to develop the communication mediated by different modern technologies. The media and social communication in general have largely gone online. As a result, after a year of functioning online, both senders and receivers of messages have shown some new habits and media usage patterns, never experienced before on such a large scale. These changes can be observed in all spheres of life: social, economic, and political. They also pose new challenges and research problems for researchers. Therefore, we would like to devote the latest issue of to these changes – including ones not related to COVID-19.

We would like to invite you to submit a paper for the second issue of our bi-annual scientific journal for young scientists. We welcome papers that are original proposals on how to present or solve research problems within the fields of social sciences and humanities. All media and social communication scholars are encouraged to publish in our journal as well as students of their last years of studies interested in media and social communication, politics, and their interrelation.


We would like to encourage you to publish in English as well!


Author guidelines can be found at

Submissions due date: 30th June 2021

Publication date: October 2021


All papers should be submitted exclusively through the Open Journal System. To submit a paper, please register at More information on what the OJS is and how the registration process looks like can be found at